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The Hokamix Advantage

Your dog is special. How he looks, listens, reacts, moves. A lot differently to the dog next door. Even completely unlike his brothers and sisters. This also goes for his nutrient requirement. Factors such as breed, gender, age, hereditary predisposition, activity, physiological state, living conditions etc. determine the individual requirements of your dog. Where one dog can do well on a food, the other nevertheless gets deficiencies. That doesn't make it easy to find the best food for your dog.
Vitality, skin and coat condition are good indicators of the condition in general. When the food is not well tuned in, this will be noticeable and physical complaints occur. Sometimes this arises quickly, but it can also take years. Then the path to recovery can be long and hard.

Optimal harmonisation
With Hokamix daily plus good food you will equalize the food to an optimum with the nutrient requirements of your dog. You will keep your dog in optimum condition and that will prevent physical complaints. When there are already complaints, they often decrease or disappear after restoring balance in the body. Hokamix has a deep, threefold function namely: it cleanses the body from inside, improves absorption of nutrients and supplements deficiencies.

Excellent results
A disturbed balance in the body doesn’t originate from one day to the other. Restoring the balance also takes time. But with a little patience dog owners have achieved astonishing results with Hokamix. Even with dogs that have reached a respectable age! Meanwhile Hokamix is also an effective remedy for itching, scurf, bald spots, eczema, dull coat, excessive moulting, allergy, wear and tear of joints, painful motion, metabolism complaints and lots more. But without doubt prevention is better than cure!

Pure nature
Hokamix is a natural product. The original recipe is a powder of thirty carefully chosen herbs in a delicate proportion. Herbs are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The benevolent effect of many species has been utilised for a long time. Not only by humans, but also by animals. Many animals in the wild have herbs on their menu. Even species which are known to be carnivores, like the wolf. By instinct they know which herbs are necessary to become or stay healthy.

Something for everybody
Besides the original powder form, Hokamix is also available as a tablet or a snack, especially suitable for the picky eater. Or just because you want to give a bite to eat that is not just tasty. For dogs with severe, persistent complaints there are two products. As well as the original herbs they contain extra ingredients especially for joints, or skin and coat.

Hokamix 30 Powder

A powder of thirty health improving herbs. By nature herbs are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Hokamix Snacks

Keep your dog in optimum condition by offering him something tasty every day. That is possible with Snack...