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How it Works

Hokamix is based on the positive influence several (parts of) plants have on the body. In the 80’s of last century Mr. Kroeske Sr. got into herbs and phytotherapy and discovered that herbs:
- contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements that can be absorbed quickly;
- act as a catalyst for the absorption of nutrients from food;
- stimulate various organs and tissues, making them function more efficiently.

Digestion and metabolism
Digestion and metabolism make sure that all organs in the body can function to their optimum. Digestion of food starts after ingestion of a meal. The mechanical movements of the stomach and intestines and digestive juices make the food absorbable. Then metabolism will be set in motion. Which can be described as the transport, absorption and combustion of nutrients and the discharge of waste products. When digestion and metabolism are not working right, organs will not be properly nourished and waste products not thoroughly discharged. This can cause complaints everywhere in or on the body. Often it will reveal itself in the skin. This biggest organ is actually the last one to be supplied.

Positive influence of Hokamix
Switching food or making current food easy digestible (by soaking it) may give some improvement. But possible contaminations in the body will be handled completely if Hokamix is added to a good quality food. The herbs have a cleansing effect as a result the body will be detoxificated. Herbs often act as catalysts. This means they connect to important, often crucial nutrients. Otherwise some nutrients would not be (fit to be) absorbed and leave the body. When there still are deficiencies, Hokamix contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements to replenish them. Optimal functioning of the liver and kidneys means they are better able to discharge waste products from the body. In this way the body recovers itself from the inside. The body can function to an optimum and regain its balance.

Hokamix 30 Powder

A powder of thirty health improving herbs. By nature herbs are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Hokamix Snacks

Keep your dog in optimum condition by offering him something tasty every day. That is possible with Snack...